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Alexander Davis

Deep Arc

I tend to go on a six-month rotation of interest for some reason. It usually alternates between writing (screenplays, teleplays, novels) or production (web-design or game development). Check out my portfolio site at http://www.alexanderdavis.us or my game dev studio at http://www.dreamseed.us - Right now, I'm really into writing again. I've completed a few feature-length screenplays and have created/written my own sci-fi television series called Chronophase for fun. Currently, I'm working on a literary-fiction novel (thriller) centered around the game industry and escapism. I've also written a novelette called Five of Diamonds about five random people who trade lives to save them. I've also produced my own original album and six supporting EPs of electronica music under the alias Phenex: http://www.phenex.us - I work as a professional branding and new media designer, specializing in logo identity and Flash design.